Active Brights: Working Out in Lockdown

Current lockdown measures across the globe have seen more of us working out from home than ever before. As we adapt to the inflexibility of these measures, it has sparked consumers to adapt their normal routines and come up with creative new ways of staying fit. Whether donning some sweatbands and leg warmers and bopping along to a retro ‘80s aerobic workouts (as seen by the WGSN team), dusting off the bike and doing laps around your local park, or staying zen with yoga YouTube sessions, staying active is helping many maintain a sense of stability and calm during these uncertain times. 

As many consumers are now prioritising health and wellness more than ever, we wanted to call out our invigorating Active Brights that were chosen to encapsulate a mood of optimism, futurism and escapism – perfect for our current global climate. These amplified tones are not tied to a particular season; instead they embrace the importance of transseasonal tones and colours with enduring appeal. This is the time to replace flat, obvious brights with stimulating and heightened tones, as consumers become more confident and invested in colour. 


Colour is the first thing the human eye notices. It is a powerful, primal, non-verbal language that we all speak and are born fluent in. Over the past decade, our interest in colour and its effect on our psyches has increased, especially in the field of performance. It is well documented that the more saturated the colour, the higher the impact, which explains why brights and neons have always held prominence in the active and performance industry. 

Our five Active Brights have an unnatural intensity that is perfect for a digital age, when tones need to pop on-screen as much as they do in real life.  They will appeal to activewear consumers across the high-intensity sports of running, cycling and HIIT, as well as the feel-good restorative sports of dance, barre and pilates. 



Opulent Opal

Opulent Opal feeds into the appeal of artificial colours, influenced by the growing pervasiveness of digital culture in everyday life. This is a tone with clear youth appeal and it is bold enough to work across all genders. It feeds off the growing trend for pastels that are heightened with a superficial and unreal edge.


How to use: with its cool undertone, this electric hue will work well to offset and energise darker colours, offering transseasonal appeal. Use Opulent Opal as a standalone tone in both women’s and men’s performance design – this direction is all about rewriting the rules.



Galactic Green

Galactic Green is an optimistic and futuristic shade which also offers the calming serenity typically associated with green. This contemporary tone gravitates towards cooler, flatter and more unnatural levels. It is inspired by our entangled relationship with the digital world and advancing technology, as well as our desire to escape to the tranquillity of nature.


How to use: with its pale, detached character, Galactic Green is the perfect partner for sports that require mental focus and clarity. Use it to create refined pairings for both women’s and men’s fitness, outdoor and athleisure looks.



Cosmic Cobalt 

With its back-lit quality, Cosmic Cobalt is an energising and heightened shade of the classic cobalt blue we know so well. It has an unusual duality, which makes it feel both inherently sunny, but also cool and technical. This is a shade derived from nature, but with an unnaturally saturated quality.


How to use: Cosmic Cobalt has a versatile appeal, making it ideal for women’s and men’s designs across outdoor, swim and high-performance sports. It is also especially relevant for digital-inspired products, as we value and become more dependent on technology more than ever before. 



Acid Pop

Yellow is the colour first recognised by the human eye and the brightest on the visible spectrum, and it is often used in the sport and active industry for this reason. Acid Pop is our brightest neon in the selection and unashamedly artificial, embracing digital stimuli and a growing focus on colours viewed through screens.


How to use: due to the permeating saturation of this tone, it is best used on trims and technical details such as zippers, toggles, piping and straps, so that it does not become too overpowering in collections.



Fire Light

The high-octane tone of Fire Light will appeal as consumers grow more confident and adventurous with their colour choices. This is an extremely extroverted hue with a luminous undertone, guaranteed to capture attention. It fuzes the fiery tones of red and orange, and depending on the light or material used, it can look more like one or the other.


How to use: Fire Light is relevant for all genders and multiple categories, from high-performance to athleisure. It will also make print and graphic styles pop.


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