Why Ab Fab’s Jennifer Saunders totally rocks
By WGSN Insider

Ahead of the new Absolutely Fabulous fashion movie, WGSN’s womenswear editor Robbie Sinclair reminds us why Jennifer Saunders is a comedy genius.

Jun 17, 2016

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Ab Fab: Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley

Clear your summer plans. Next month, July 1st is all about one thing the new AbFab movie. It could be UK answer to Zoolander, but better darling, because Patsy and Edina are everything.

At WGSN I write a lot of the icon reports, where we profile the icons in fashion that do more, this is not a celebration of clotheshorses, this is the place where I profile the risk takers, the people who use fashion to break boundaries, who are trailblazers for their colour, size, age or just sheer grit.
So of course as we prepare for AbFab the movie, it’s only right to praise the comedy magic that is Jennifer Saunders.

Here’s why she rocks:

1. In an industry that judges women on appearance and often plays them off against each other. Dawn French, Jennifer Saunders and of course British Institution, style icon and promoter of all things badass Joanna Lumley, have not only cracked the glass ceiling but shattered it into pieces (probably by swinging a bottle of Bollinger at it).

2. Jennifer and her crew, crashed on to the scene during a period where the comedy scene was dominated by men. Strong females like Ruby Wax, French, Saunders and Lumley burst on to the scene and showed the 1990’s that women can be funny, sexy, slap stick and outrageous all at the same time. Body shape didn’t matter and series like Absolutely Fabulous opened a whole new world of comedy and female empowering television programming.

3. The longevity of Ab Fab is because it shows that fashion can be beautiful, fun and full of strong characters. Plus the quality of the writing stands the test of time, even though the show is not on screens any more it still has such a loyal following. With the screening of Absolutely Fabulous the movie right around the corner we, in the fashion industry, are chomping at the bit to see it.

4. Shows like Absolutely Fabulous inspired the next generation of not only comedians, showing clearly that it is no longer a mans world. So get ready for the movie, and in the meantime check out this amazing, heartfelt ode to Jennifer, performed at the Glamour Awards by her great friend Dawn French.

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