A Thousand Reasons: Anti-Nuclear Origami Cranes
By Gemma Riberti

This beautiful short film by animator Dan Britt creates awareness about the nuclear weapons crisis

Jan 11, 2013


We’re very much taken by this new campaign from the WMD Awareness Programme; an organization dedicated to creating awareness about the nuclear weapons crisis.

The video short has been created with British animator Dan Britt, member of the London-based collective This Is It, and features beautiful stop-motion animations of paper origami cranes, weapons, explosions and the earth to create a visual narrative of the “anti-nuclear cause”.

Nearly sixty-eight years ago, following the atomic Hiroshima bombings which killed thousands of civilians, young children suffering from nuclear sickness made origami cranes in an attempt to make themselves, and others, better. In Japanese folklore, the folding of 1000 paper cranes is said to grant a wish that comes true, and since that time the crane has become a symbol for anti-nuclear peace around the world.

Sadly, there is talk that the UK government plan to spend extraordinary amounts of money on nuclear weapons over the next three years, so in a bid to focus our attention on the issues in hand, A Thousand Reasons will be posting a “a unique reason on why the UK should not renew it’s weapons”, each day, for the next 1000 days via Twitter.

Find out more about this thought-provoking and beautifully executed campaign here. – Samantha Fox

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