8 empowering slogans to keep you motivated if you work in a creative industry

Forget ‘keep calm and carry on’, the reality is that if you are in a creative industry you need more motivation that the classic old slogans. You need something that is going to keep you inspired, and excited all the way to your deadline.

So we asked our WGSN editors what creative slogans they have on their desk, their Pinterest boards and their notepads when deadline day is approaching. We hope you enjoy these, can relate and get inspired.

1. Katie May Atkinson, Senior Editor, Intimates & Swim



Why it works for me: This is a constant reminder to think for myself and not follow the crowd, it comes in handy when I’m doing anything from designing a lingerie shape on a CAD to presenting to clients. When you have faith in yourself and your ideas, everyone else sees how informed, authoritative and confident you are about what you are delivering.

2. Dan Bisson, Editor of Footwear & Accessories



Why it works for me: When I’m stressed or on a deadline, the key for me is to stay calm and grounded.  If you are a genuine person– colleagues and clients value that. My desk is a no-ego zone, I have so much respect for my colleagues/clients and they respect me, that keeps everyone happy.

3. Andrea Bell, Executive Editor, Americas and Think Tank Director


Why it works for me: Ok it’s not technically a slogan, but this piece of street art by Wordsmith sums up my thought process at work. WGSN is about inspiration and igniting that creative fire – I like to think of our team as creative (and thoughtful) disruptors. Disruptors don’t colour inside the lines because they don’t see lines, they see the big picture. Alright, enough Kanye talk but seriously, stay colourful.
  4. Carlene Thomas Bailey, Editor of the WGSN Insider blog
  Slogan: wgsn_slogan_creative4   Why it works for me: This is my favourite slogan, especially when fashion news breaks and I want to write the best story I can on it, there’s no time to waste, I have to call up my knowledge of the industry, interview the amazing WGSN expert editors and just craft a great, engaging story.

  5. Hannah Craggs, Colour Editor
Slogan: il_fullxfull.376175039_lo7t   Why it works for me: Life is about taking risks, not coasting along. What I love about my role at WGSN is that I get to see what’s ahead, the rule breakers/ fashion risk takers and creatives of tomorrow, that keeps me motivated and inspired on report deadline day.    


6. Sara Radin, Associate Editor of City by City  

A photo posted by sara r. radin (@cultureisland_) on


Why it works for me: I had to snap this one on my Instagram account. If you know me, you’ll know that I’m obsessed with print and typography, old packaging and adverts, so this Wonder sign is perfect. Also it actually sums me up perfectly, my mind is so curious and I really try not to lose my wonder. I know it sounds cheesy, but I love that I can find inspiration wherever I go, often in unlikely places, because I’m constantly looking around to see what sparks my interests visually. So this reminds me to take a break, go for a walk and come back refreshed.

7. Hannah Watkins, Senior Editor of Prints & Graphics



Why it works for me: I love a cup of tea, and I love to create. With prints and graphics, it’s easy to stay motivated because I am actually continually surprised by the exciting and innovative ways that print designers embellish and disrupt traditional prints to make something that feels fresh and new.

8.   Vanessa Belleau, Head of WGSN Consultancy division, WGSN MINDSET, EMEA



Why it works for me: This is a good one for me as a manager, it’s a constant reminder to lead and respect the team around me, to keep calm and confident and help us as a team achieve our best.

8 1/2.  We couldn’t leave you without WGSN’s extra cool office slogan, create tomorrow…


All day, everyday. #wgsn #worklife #lovingthenewplants

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