5 reasons why you will love WGSN Insight
By WGSN Insider

Meet the new go-to source for creative thinkers shaping the consumer marketplace. Innovation starts here.

Oct 03, 2016

59 sec

Looking for more consumer insights, marketing, retail strategy and innovation trends? Now you have it. This week, WGSN launched WGSN Insight, our new consumer and market intelligence tool for creative thinkers – designed to help shape the future of their brands and businesses.

And here are the top five reasons why you’ll love it (we definitely do):

It puts you ahead of your competitors: WGSN Insight works at every step of your strategy planning, from understanding the consumer of today – and tomorrow – to marketing and selling your product.  

You can check it anywhere, anytime: from quick-read market recaps, designed to fit into your gaps between meetings, to deep-dive consumer analysis, for your lunch break or commute. Also responsive to mobile, WGSN Insight delivers the latest trends on the go.

You’ll get global analysis and local insights: with over 40 reports per month, WGSN members can now better understand both their local and global consumers. It doesn’t matter if you live in Shanghai, London or New York, our expanded coverage of regional demographics, with a focus on emerging consumer tribes, will give your business the tools to thrive.


consumer marketplace

WGSN Insight is changing the consumer marketplace


It’s all about understanding the consumer landscape: Our global experts will provide market intelligence for hospitality, technology, food and beverage, retail and wellness among others, with new reports ranging from ‘The Future of Festivals’ to ‘The Future of Transportation’.

It’s full of thought provoking reports: look forward to must-read pieces including consumer insights reports on Alphas through to Baby Boomers, alongside forecasts predicting market behaviours 2+ years ahead, and best-in-class marketing case studies.

Watch the video below, where Carla Buzasi, WGSN Global Chief Content Officer, explains why she is proud of launching this unique new product:

Loved it and want to know more? Explore the new consumer and market intelligence product from WGSN here.


5 reasons why you will love WGSN Insight

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Oct 15th, 2016

1)To have advanced ideas about fashion
2)to stay one step ahead on the color information
3)to get all details of the latest news
4)to improve myself in fashion
5)to be more creative

tiziana sportaiuolo
Oct 13th, 2016

Vorrei ricevere la versione di prov del vostro prodotto.

Judy Witchard
Oct 10th, 2016

Great news from the fashion industry

Sherri Morris
Oct 07th, 2016


Oct 03rd, 2016

Interested in this new product. Can I see a trial please?

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