5 Reasons why Queen Bey’s Ivy Park sports collection will reign supreme.

Sportswear lines are the new celebrity perfume so they say, a reflection of just how important fitness and wellbeing is right now. So in a sea of fitness collaborations and celebrity sports endorsements, what is it that makes Beyonce’s Ivy Park collection with Topshop just that little bit more special ?

1. It’s real and credible. When it comes to sportswear you just can’t ‘fake it to make it’. Beyoncé fitness regime and healthy lifestyle is well documented (no normal human could do those things on stage if they weren’t uber fit!) and you can tell she’s drawn from her own workout needs and personal style to create the clothing. In the beautiful lookbook shots of her in the collection, she looks natural and comfortable rather than styled and posed.

2. It’s more ‘ath’ than ‘leisure’. When Beyoncé and Topshop announced they would be doing an ‘athleisure’ line my heart sank (have I mentioned I hate the term athleisure?).  But she’s nailed it – here’s no sequins here, thank you.  At its core, this is functional sportswear designed for the key lifestyle trend that athleisure is.

3. Saying that it looks damn good! Sporty and minimal, lots of black and gray and a simple Ivy Park logo that nods to collegiate americana with a hint of #fitspo slogan. Whether you’re a style conscious fitness Millennial, full on #ProtienPrincess or a gym-hanging #AthFaker, there’s something for everyone. Expect your social feeds to be awashed with Ivy Park adorned #Healthies and of course, #Belfies. (that’s a selfies taken in the gym btw)

4. Ivy Park is a brand not a collaboration. It would have been easy for Bey to work with a major sports brand and put her name on a line of clothing and sneakers she ‘helped design’ but by partnering with Sir Philip Green on a bonafide stand-alone brand, she’s been able to craft something that 100% reflects her own ethos, values and goals. The fact that Bey chose a fashion brand is even more interesting as it has allowed her be the ‘fitness expert’ in the partnership (see point 1 real and credible) as well as bringing the style of course.

5. It’s Beyoncé god damn it! The celeb we love to love. And in an a leotard too! This is the ultimate #Fitspo and if this collection doesn’t inspire you to hit the gym, I don’t know what will. #BodyGoals just got upped.

And with that, I’m off to buy a protein shake and hit the gym. I can’t help feeling I need to be fighting fit in readiness to battle my way through the scrum of Bey-ing crowds when this collection drops on April 14.

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