5 baking Instagram accounts to follow ASAP

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In addition to my role as Lifestyle & Interiors editor at WGSN, I’m also the resident Instagram fanatic. My daily routine includes these three things, (in no particular order)

1. scrolling through Instagram accounts and bookmarking my favourites into folders within folders

2. constantly drooling over food accounts and making cups of Earl Grey tea

3. making badass playlists on Spotify to keep me going through the week, and focused on my continual Insta-searches.

It’s fair to say that I’ve built up a wide selection of go-to accounts and I like to share all my finds, so fresh from the sweet treats accounts bookmarked on my desktop, here’s my top five baking Instagrams. These accounts will either inspire you to get your bake on or head to the nearest confectionery store or bakery and stock up.

First up its is @sweetandhome. I could scroll all day through Marta Estévez’s Instagram. Her feed is full of beautiful cakes, pancakes, waffles, cake pops and fruits styled on wooden worktops, with scattered flower petals and soft linens. This is the perfect account to follow, if you need inspiration to make a special meal.

sweet and home_025

Baking Instagrams: Marta Estévez’s account is breatakingly beautiful

For all your wedding, baby shower, birthday celebrations head over to Opal Rains, the bespoke baking and caking sensation based in Sydney, Australia.

These sweet treats take desserts to new heights, the baked goods so beautiful you almost don’t want to eat them. Cupcakes, cake pops, donuts, cookies, mini meringues are decorated to the highest level, with edible gold paper, macaroons, fresh fruits and dried flower petals.

opal.rains 02

London based foodie, Jo Harrington steps up the pie game – aiming to make them three times a week ( I am patiently waiting for my dinner invite…) Her innovative and playful pies range from the  traditional lattice tops, rope crusts to fun typefaces and decorative floral patterns for a special meal. @jojomancer_003

Need some fun inspiration for kid’s parties, then head to the icing queen’s Instagram @bakedideas. Pattie has covered pretty much everything from emojicons, cute animals and Friday type fun cookie treats… mmm yum!

Leaving you with the one and only…Drake song lyrics on cake?! Erm YES please! I will take a slice or two, thank you very much.  Joy Wilson bakes and curates @drakeoncake, with over 145,000 followers this account is literally making all my dreams come true. The cakes are fun and pretty, with iced song lyrics in calligraphy and caps locks typefaces. There is nothing more I love doing than eating cake and listening to Drake ( with a hot cuppa of course )




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