3Sixteen Tour of Kuroki Mills
By Samuel Trotman

New York’s 3sixteen offer an exclusive visual tour of Japan’s Kuroki denim mill.

Jul 11, 2014


Japan is home to many active denim mills that produce the finest fabrics that you find on todays premium jeans. One of such is the renowned Kuroki, which New York’s 3sixteen recently had the honour of taking a tour of and exclusively documenting along the way.

By now many dedicated denim readers will be familiar or would have at some point come across the name Kuroki when pouring over the notes of a premium jean review. Known for both its quality and durability, the Japanese mill has been churning out the finest selvedge denims and indigo fabrics to the worlds top fashion labels and cult brands for the past 30 years. Located in textile rich area of Okayama, Japan, the mill offers a full process of the denim production process that includes dyeing, weaving and finishing.

With such a resourceful offering, Kuroki has worked closely with select brands to create their own proprietary fabrics. One of which is New York’s 3sixteen, who have developed their own 14.5oz 100x selvedge denim for nearly four years across their entire line. Owners Andrew Chen and Johan Lam recently visited the plant in Okayama and documented the dyeing and weaving process (from start to finish) on Instagram along with some stunning shots by photographer Martin Kirby. Here’s a highlight of what they saw, but you can you see the full selection on Rawr Denim.



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