3-D Printed Heels x Marla Marchant
By Anna Glassman

Marla Marchant crafts avant-garde footwear creations via 3-D printing.

Apr 12, 2013


For her senior thesis at the London College of Fashion, Marla Marchant decided to give the lost art of craftsmanship a rebirth, resulting in avant garde creations of the footwear kind. After various material ideations, Marchant landed on titanium rapid prototyping (3-D printing) to actualize her vision. With a lineage of craft and a shoemaker grandfather, high heels were a natural choice of medium to “transfer her ideas into real objects.” She also sought influence from the experimental methods of Catalan architect, Antoni Gaudí. Marchant credits her appreciation of craftsmanship to the “requirement of passion to sacrifice time and effort and dedication to the mastering of technical skills.” –Savannah Todd

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