The future of beauty? Reclaiming ‘me time’. The new QVC beauty products dropping in 2016 are doing just that

Hands up if you’d like a little bit more time in your day? Pretty much everyone of us could do with that extra hour, whether to sleep, eat breakfast at a table and not on the run, or catch up on work.

Now consumers are demanding that the products they invest in, do a little more for them, helping them achieve more in their already time-squeezed lives.

One retailer which understands this is QVC, who worked with WGSN Mindset consultants (using key insight and trends) to create 25/7 – the future of beauty for 2016.

“Beauty rich but time poor, yes we are! Any product that can make us save some time is a winner at QVC. From ‘strobing’ face creams, overnight peels to the ultimate concealers. The more we can achieve in less time is a winner in our eyes”, says Sandra Vallow, Director of Beauty Buying at QVC.

What does this new trend mean?

25/7 beauty is all about giving customers the chance to reclaim an extra hour everyday, supplying products in convenient packaging that deliver great results in record time. WGSN Mindset understands that consumers are now ‘prosumers’ (professional consumers) who like to know more about their beauty products, the ingredients and what each product can do for them as they try to claw ‘me time’ back from their time-pressured lives. Mindset worked with the QVC buyers to curate products to fit this new beauty era.

WGSN_ 25-7 beauty_qvc

How does this impact consumers bathroom cabinets , make up shelves and shopping baskets?

Look out for QVC’s new wave of beauty products that drop in 2016, and feed the idea of creating more with less. Such as Little Ondine the nail line, which completely reimagines nail polish by using natural ingredients. The newly launched odour-free nail polish, means that consumers can apply it at home or in the office, without worrying about hefty smells. Better still, the water-based colour can peel right off, eliminating the need for nail varnish remover.

There’s also It Cosmetics, a make up line that merges the old with the new, using cutting edge, anti-aging technologies with skin loving ingredients, for higher performing coverage. A stand-out item in the collection is the Brow Power®, a transforming long-wear eyebrow pencil infused with cutting-edge brow enhancing technology. The oval shaped tip is also perfect for both thin and thick brows.

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