2:40pm – Mercer Street

A mystery girl who was meeting her family at Fanelli Cafe…xo eddie






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  • Laura

    ah, i need those amazing boots, any idea where they’re from?

  • Anonymous

    she kinda reminds me of Serena from Gossip Girl with her miseriousness of a stunning girl strolling the streets looking already amazing and yet noting that there is even more of this amazingness to discover.
    (I wish I was like this:)

  • claire


    will you have recent london photos up any time soon? i think you took a picture of me and my friends outside the v&a…that is if i have the right website!

  • To Laura,
    As a motorcyclist, I can tell you that they look like “engineers”, and you can get them in ANY Army-Navy store, or online from- http://www.nextag.com/engineer-boot/search-html. I know this will help you. You can also go to ANY motorcycle shop, and get them. Pay as less as possible, since they will outlast this century.

  • Alexandra

    Hi, I’m alexandra – danish girl on the pic ..
    the boots are from italien brand MOMA – absolutely amazing!

  • A real life Serena van der Woodsen! You are so right.

    Wow – with family like this, we would all look forward to family gatherings! (I’m kidding!) (sort of)

  • philippe

    Serena, could be. Rather a very young kate, lilly donaldson or maybe a wasson?
    know if she’s a model?

  • There’s a bit of Wasson here – for sure.

    She told me she is a model yeah. I don’t know her name though and don’t want to. I like for street style encounters to mostly remain a mystery. A glamorous girl like this passes you on the street…then she rounds a corner out of sight and is gone forever…and you are left standing there thinking – who was that girl??

  • sheena

    what a cute black bag- i love the subtle star pattern… this girl knows how to accessorize- love it

  • Moe

    On most people, this outfit would fall short. But on her, it looks amazing. She’s got the height and figure to pull it off and look stylish doing it. Love the different textures- crocheted shawl, ribbed tunic, pebbled patent satchel and leggings- all in NY black of course. Even digging the mocha JLo hat!

  • She looks rediculously fabulous! Love the boots too!

  • Mary

    eddie! You put up so many photos of such beautiful people but when will you put up a picture of your beautiful self?

  • my gosh ths is a lovely outfit … i love the top.. just saw one like it at kiraplastinina.us .. almost got it too! 15% off everything rt now too with promo code SHOPNOW … might just have to go back n get it now lol

  • Angela

    aha! Now I know where I’ve seen her before .. Scoopmodels in denmark. (sorry to ruin your mystery girl fantasy eddie – but still think she’s stunning, and just as mysterious)

  • Michael

    4th picture looks like edie sedgwick.

  • Anonymous

    i need that bag,too… any idea where that’s from?
    Alexandra~ give me an answer~~~~plz!

  • Alexandra

    The bag is from swedish designer RIKA – http://www.rikaint.com/

  • philippe
  • Anonymous

    What a kind girl,Alexandra~ Thanks!

    i Voted!!!

  • Yes – she won by a large margin. She was Style.com’s Look of the Day yesterday!
    Thanks again Alexandra!! (former mystery girl)

  • mystery girl

    Ever so welcome eddie!
    Take care and thanx for the lovely pics..