2017 countdown: The 5 trends you need to know

2017 key trends

2017 key trends revealed


As time becomes the ultimate luxury and consumers increasingly seek to establish a deeper connection with brands, companies will be even more challenged to deliver meaningful experiences – rather than just products  – in 2017.

These are the 2017 key trends you need to know to thrive:

TRANSEASONAL & SEASONLESS: consumers will be willing to spend more on less, but will expect a longer, more meaningful connection with their purchases in return. At the same time, people are travelling more and more, leading to the rise of transeasonal/seasonless items. Just like the cross-pollination of genres, cross-seasonal appeal is becoming increasingly important.


DOING BEATS BUYING: globally there is a shift where consumers prioritise memorable experiences over purchasing product. Designers will increasingly focus their efforts on creating systems and services, rather than just products and things, and they will do this in collaboration with each other and their customers. Consumers will also seek exploratory experiences. Exploration of ‘the world’s best-kept secrets’ will be a big theme, while people will increasingly use technology for well-being and virtual breaks.


RADICAL HONESTY: it is cool to care. Gen Z is tolerant and realistic on race, gender and sexuality and they aren’t afraid to get political. Consumers will demand radical honesty from brands and expect it to become be an industry standard, not a marketing ploy.


BLURRING MARKETS: the days of distinct markets are over. Lines will blur between work and life, while age is becoming more fluid – 30 is the new 20, and 40 is the new 30. Fashion is a very good example of this. The line between ‘grown-up’ and ‘youthful’ clothes and brands is blurring, as established houses subvert their heritage with street-inspired collections, and streetwear brands cement their status in the fashion world.


BREVITY WILL RULE: time will be considered the ultimate luxury. Reduced attention spans mean more bite-sized news and information. In 2015, the average human attention span was 8.25 seconds (a goldfish’s is 9 seconds!!!) – and is likely to be under five seconds by 2017.


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