‘100 Cheeks’: The new photo book celebrates derrières clad in vintage denim
By Samuel Trotman

New York photographer Kava Gorna pays homage to vintage denim, documenting the classic styles on her friends and acquaintances.

Jul 22, 2016

10 photos

When it comes to denim, nothing quite beats the allure of a beautiful butt in a pair of vintage jeans. Rigid, 100 per-cent cotton jeans, the original androgynous utility staple, guarantee an irresistible, old-fashioned anti-fit. They give off a pheromone of

They give off a pheromone of sexiness and their hold ensures a generously enhanced behind. Debbie Harry’s Seventies stage jeans or Geena Davis in Thelma and Louise? Stunning and classic. That’s why fashion and lifestyle photographer Kava Gorna chose to train her lens on a single, sculptural aspect of the female form: namely, the butt.

100 Cheeks7

In her new photo book, 100 Cheeksthe New York photographer pays homage to vintage denim while also celebrating the bottoms that fill it up. Gorna has been documenting derrieres for years, and the book is a retrospective of her wide circle of friends, collaborators, and downtown acquaintances. Amongst the fifty subjects includes personalities like Jemima Kirke and Pamela Love wearing their treasured pair of tight-fitting Levi’s. The idea here, as writer (and subject) Thessaly La Force playfully explains in the introduction, is “epic booties.”

100 Cheeks6

Shot on a Contax G2—most butts appear mostly without retouching. And there’s a diversity of body types present, and sensuality envelops them all. Throughout you’ll find every time of vintage denim, from smart and sartorial raw choices, irresistible orange peel Orange tabs, patched and customised 505s, well-loved 505s and a few eyebrow-raising inseams on cut-off shorts, in a bold celebration of the derriere that any denim lover will appreciate.

Copies of the book are available now at Karma, Saturdays, and Urban Outfitters.


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100 Cheeks

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'100 Cheeks': The new photo book celebrates derrières clad in vintage denim

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