10 things you only know if you’ve interned during fashion week


Whether you’ve interned at New York, London, Milan or Paris, by the end of your experience you’re physically and emotionally knackered – but you’re also more in love with the industry than ever. Here are 10 things you only know if you’ve completed the rite of passage that is interning during fashion week…

1. Staples, tape, pins and needles will become your best friends. Why? Because two minutes before the show starts, you’ll be hemming faster than anyone has ever hemmed before.

2. Nudity means nothing to you. By show time, you’re pulling up models’ knickers, bronzing legs and chatting casually with various undressed strangers. Modesty shmodesty.

3. In the week leading up to the show, you’re in the studio 24/7. Because you’re not allowed to leave.


4. It’s pretty much the coolest experience you’ve ever had. Exhausting, eye-opening and redefines the concept of mania. But it’s cool, very cool.

5. Just because the show date has been on the calendar for months doesn’t mean the collection will be finished or ready to show on said show date.

6. The friends you make as a fashion week intern become friends for life. Something about being on your hands and knees colouring in scuffed shoes with a Sharpie creates an unbreakable bond (and yep, sometimes you do have to do that).


Credit: zeitgeschmack.com

7. A survival kit of paracetamol, a torch, spare tights and tissues has the potential to make you the best fashion week intern ever.

8. Your work isn’t done when the show’s over. You know that collection everyone was just applauding? It’s your job to get it back to the studio.

9. If there’s an after-show party, you get hammered on one glass of champagne. Exhaustion + a diet of coffee and Twixes = zero alcohol tolerance.

10. If you get the opportunity to do it, you have to. It’s the warts-and-all version of the industry, and if you still love it post-fashion week, it’s where you belong.

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