WGSN | Intelligence: Beauty Personas 2023
After an unprecedented period of upheaval and change, five newly adapted and intentioned beauty personas will emerge in 2023 with adjusted priorities that brands need to know now in anticipation of their evolved demands
Clare Varga
02.25.21 · 5 minutes
Executive summary and methodology

Meet the five consumer personas set to rise to prominence by 2023. Each a set of values rather than specific demographic groups, they are motivated by new energy and purpose following several challenging years. They have developed new priorities and skills after navigating difficulties and dealing with an uncertain future. Prepare now to meet the demands of these driven cohorts.

  • The Skinimalists: this group of smart beauty consumers value efficacy and efficiency, using multitasking products to streamline their beauty regimes and reduce waste
  • The Refillutionaries: with a strong belief in positive change, this eco-optimistic persona chooses beauty brands and products that benefit people and the planet
  • The Beautopians: for this persona, beauty and happiness are one and the same. Always seeking the next cult product, they choose sensorial products that support physical and mental wellbeing
  • The Super Basics: bringing normcore to beauty, this group makes simplicity and frugality cool. Prioritising personal care and hygiene, they choose no-nonsense products
  • The Skillusionists: taking beauty into the metaverse, this diverse and highly artistic group create their own beauty narratives that challenge the status quo and champion absolute self-expression

WGSN identifies and tracks trends to help you create the right products at the right time. Our annual Beauty Personas report will help you target these products to the right people.

This report forms part of our suite of annual macro forecasts looking two years ahead. These include Future Drivers, which highlights seven changes that will redefine how we do business in 2023; Future Innovations, which outlines 12 trends that will reshape the way we create and innovate in the future; Future Consumer, which identifies the consumer profiles and expectations that will drive the market; and Big Ideas, which presents five ideas you should start prioritising now to stay ahead in two years’ time.

Beauty Personas elaborates on the profiles identified in our Future Consumer forecast, with a focus on how they relate specifically to the beauty industry. It outlines the values that will appeal to them and the brands and product categories that will be relevant for them.

WGSN’s macro forecasts are produced by our global team of experts and analysts, ensuring they have broad relevance across all regional markets. Our trends are validated by data, industry examples and our unique STEPIC methodology (encompassing developments in society, technology, environment, politics, industry and creativity), so you can apply them with confidence to your business and product strategies.


Welcome to the five need-to-know personas for 2023.

Alpha H

The Skinimalists

Committed to reducing consumption and taking pride in ‘buying well’, Skinimalists streamline their beauty with efficient multitasking products backed by science.

Ouai Haircare

The Refillutionaries

Following the tumultuous start to the decade, Refillutionists are leading a new ‘beauty refillution’, adopting eco-ethical business models and product alternatives to drive positive change.


The Beautopians

Using beauty to create a happy place, Beautopians live for product discovery, choosing clean beauty products that boost wellbeing, but also have major #shelfie appeal.

Dr Jart+

The Super Basics

Bringing ‘normcore’ to the beauty world, Super Basics make simplicity and frugality cool, rejecting product hype and preferring ‘no fuss no frills’ personal care products instead.

Raoul Alejandre

The Skillusionists

Blending cosmetics, prosthetics and digital effects, the artistic and expressive Skillusionists challenge narrow beauty narratives by creating their own visions of beauty.

Care Natural Beauty
The Skinimalist

Smart consumers, Skinimalists streamline beauty routines to maximise efficacy and efficiency, deriving satisfaction from multitaskers that are better for skin, planet and pocket.

Demographics: men and women due to gender inclusivity of ‘skinimalist’ products. All ages, especially future-focused Gen Z and judicious Gen Xers.

Key markets: origins in Scandi- and J-beauty, but now worldwide. By 2023, established in Asia, Europe and the US, and gaining momentum in LATAM.

Beauty drivers: results-focused, values efficacy and efficiency. Streamlines routines to cut consumption.

Beauty behaviour: confident, informed and does their research. Will pay a premium for science-first brands.

Buying concerns: rejects ingredient- and product-heavy approaches. Committed to sustainable (and often cheaper) regimen and less wasteful brands.

Beauty style: takes a long-term approach. Favours products merging skincare and cosmetics. Views tools and supplements as an extension of their make-up bag. Prefers brands with clean aesthetics.

Brand affiliations: Skin + Me, Proven, Lixirskin, Verso, Medik8, Venn, Merit, Factiv, Care Natural Beauty, Alpha-H, Sioris, Lyma, Eighteen B, 111Skin, U Beauty

Future consumer: aligns with The Predictors

Beauty concerns

A new breed of ‘smart beauty consumer’, Skinimalists derive satisfaction from ‘buying well’ and making judicious choices, they are committed to reducing waste and overconsumption.

An evolution of Skinvestors, Skinimalists used the turmoil of the pandemic to press reset on their beauty priorities and regimes. For 2023, the newly confident Skinimalists will reject multi-step routines and complicated ingredient layering that left their skin and brains feeling overwhelmed, and adopt a more focused approach to skincare and make-up.

The Skinimalists seek out multitaskers that eliminate steps or make-up hyphenates that span categories, such as South Korean brand Venn’s All-in-One Face Cleanser and Brazilian-based Care Natural Beauty’s Multifunctional Blush with squalane. They invest in products with multiple active ingredients formulated in optimum ratios. Cellular beauty products and tools that work at a deeper level will also appeal.

Looking beyond cost, Skinimalists measure value by results, making science-first skin-tech brands such as British brand Medik8, Stockholm-based Verso and Australian-born Alpha-H their go-tos. At ease with tech and innovation, Skinvestors use tech to create personalised solutions and embrace lab-grown ingredients developed by K-Beauty’s SuperEgg and US-based Eighteen B as eco-efficient alternatives.

How to action this: it's imperative to develop products that align with Skinimalists’ core values of efficacy, efficiency and sustainability. Brands such a Skin + Me and Lixirskin that enable sustainable consumption will be in-demand.

Less Beauty
The Refillutionaries

In 2023, this empowered change-maker will lead a ‘beauty refillution’, pushing for progress through sustainable consumption, collective activism and alternative products and systems.

Demographics: equally male and female, spanning all Gen Z, Millennials and Gen X.

Key markets: well established in Europe, the US and Australia. Increasing traction throughout Asia. Grass roots momentum in LATAM.

Beauty drivers: eco-optimistic change maker. Protects the planet through proactive purchasing.

Beauty behaviour: early adopter of new eco-ethical business models and product alternatives. Prefers independent or local/community brands.

Buying concerns: seeks sustainable, ethical and inclusive brands that give back and reduce waste.

Beauty style: prioritises personal care and skincare over beauty. Favours natural bio-active ingredients rooted in culture and tradition, but science-backed.

Brand affiliations: Biossance, Grown Alchemist, SBTRCT, Less, FillinGood, Era Zero Waste, Ethique, Love Beauty & Planet, Eye of Horus, Forgo, PSA

Future consumer: aligns with The New Romantics and The Impossibles


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