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2015年 11月27日

How Trend Forecaster Sarah Owen Taps Into The Minds Of Teens

As WGSN’s Youth Editor, Owen spends her workdays traveling around the world, attending music festivals and scrolling through Instagram.

2015年 11月3日

Rejoice! Data prove skinny jeans really are on the way out

After years of circulation-busting, calf-squeezing fashion domination, skinnies are being surpassed by wide-leg jeans, says trend forecasting agency WGSN.

2015年 11月1日

Big names take stage

Trend forecasting giant WGSN has announced an enhanced schedule for its New Futures Summit.

2015年 10月21日

SS16 in numbers: WGSN on the key styles set to dominate next season

Trend forecaster WGSN has been diligently analysing the percentage increase and decrease of several key items on the catwalks of New York, London, Milan and Paris this past fashion month and, based on this data, has made its predictions of the winners for SS16.

2015年 10月21日

Are you lounging stylishly?

And so the nebulous concept of ‘loungewear’ has sprung up to fill the gap between our outdoor and night-time selves. ‘Ever since I started working in this sector a few years ago, we’ve been debating how exactly to define “loungewear”,’ says Katie Atkinson, senior editor of intimates at fashion forecasters WGSN.

2015年 10月7日

WATCH: Episode Four Of Alexa’s Future Of Fashion

We are introduced to Lauretta Roberts, director of brand for WGSN, who talks Alexa Chung through how the world of trend-forecasting has come about and shows her round the offices of the fashion analysis powerhouse. By the episode’s end, our intrepid reporter is enquiring about a job for herself there.

2015年 10月1日

H&M Muslim Ad Campaign With Hijab Model Signals Future Diversity In Fashion Advertisements, Analysts Say

Muslims are as much a viable market for retailers as any other customer base or audience, said Lorna Hall, head of market intelligence at New York-based fashion forecasting service WGSN. “The fashion industry has been running behind in representing that fashion-loving community,” she said by phone Monday. “I do think we are in a whole new place [where retailers are] more open to diversity in general.”

2015年 9月29日

Social media campaigns to watch: Burberry, Save the Children, Chanel and Twitter

In a new monthly roundup on The Wall blog, Sara McCorquodale, senior editor at trend forecasting and analysis service WGSN, takes a look at how Burberry, Save the Children, Chanel and Twitter have all executed social media-centric campaigns in the last month.

2015年 9月24日


The fash-pack was out in force for LFW SS16. But what beauty looks will consumers be looking to replicate? featuring Theresa Yee, Senior Beauty Editor, WGSN

2015年 9月23日

Four Ways to Achieve Authenticity in Digital Content Marketing

When it comes to gaining consumers’ love and loyalty, content is king – but it’s also incredibly expensive. By Sara McCorquodale, Senior Editor of WGSN.

2015年 9月18日

Are millennials becoming fashionistas?

The goal for attracting buyers? “Making them feel like they’re at the show, just like I’m at the show,” says Jaclyn Jones, an editor at fashion trend forecasting firm WGSN.

2015年 9月18日

The Zara Coat That Sold Out Insanely Fast

There are certain Zara items that seem to blow up—remember the matching set practically every girl in New York wore this summer? For fall, it seems like we have another über-popular item on our hands, spotted by our friends at WGSN, the world’s leading fashion trend forecasting service.

2015年 9月17日

Well-Armed: A History of Teen Bracelet Crazes

Friendship bracelets also ushered in an all-important element of the bracelet-craze formula: meaningfulness. “They were cool because they indicated how many friends you had,” explains Jacqui Ma, director of accessories and footwear at trend forecasting company WGSN. “That age group is really influenced by their peer group. It was all about the status symbol of how many friends I’ve got.”

2015年 9月17日

Topshop & Pinterest launch Pinterest palettes for LFW

For London Fashion Week, TOPSHOP partners exclusively with Pinterest to take colour inspiration back to its roots, using technology to explore the fascinating connection between colour, emotion and commerciality.

2015年 9月17日

Vanessa Belleau of WGSN on Trend Consulting

When brands want to stay ahead of what’s hot in fashion, beauty and design, they should check in with trend forecasting company WGSN.

2015年 9月15日

10 Minutes with Sarah Owen

We tapped Sarah Owen the Youth Editor from the highly esteemed firm WGSN. She kindly took some time out of her schedule to address the importance of her job for the industry in it’s entirety. Check out her insights on fashion week, content curation and personal style.

2015年 9月11日

Designers target millennials on social media – trend expert

As New York Fashion Week gets underway, designers are upping their social media game to grab the attention of millennials, according to WGSN’s Jaclyn Jones. Bobbi Rebell reports.


2015年 9月10日

WGSN launches blog with free content

Recognized as one of the most influential digital platforms  for consumer behaviour, fashion trends and design, WGSN was, until now, only acessible to its subscribers. But, since last month, a scoop of its of extensive content is available for free in the new blog WGSN Insider.  Carla Buzasi, WGSN Global Chief Content Officer, gives an interview to Valor Economico (article in Portuguese).

2015年 9月10日

Luxury brands sees the light as upmarket goes online

A study from trend monitor WGSN and British industry body Walpole reveals that luxury brands are beginning to take online sales more seriously by hiring their own experts to build and develop websites.

2015年 9月10日

Ecommerce boosts sales for luxury brands

Digital investment has sparked a surge in sales for many luxury brands, according to a report by trend forecasting agency WGSN for Walpole.

2015年 9月10日

WGSN’s Catwalk Predictions

Global trend forecasters WGSN have just revealed the trends that they believe will be making an impact on the runways of the fashion capitals over the next few weeks.

2015年 9月10日

These are the people who decide what you’ll wear

Keeping track of the latest styles can be dizzying enough. But for a select few, the work doesn’t start there. Instead, for the fashion industry’s trend forecasters and color experts, it’s all about predicting the big themes that will appear on each season’s runway—and what will eventually end up in consumers’ closets.

2015年 9月3日

Vanessa Belleau, senior consultant in the WGSN Mindset team on trend consulting

When brands want to stay ahead of what’s hot in fashion, beauty and design, they should check in with trend forecasting company WGSN.   And when they want to better understand how to effectively and accurately translate those trends to their brand, their consumers, and their brand context, they should talk to someone like Vanessa Belleau, senior consultant in the WGSN Mindset team.

2015年 8月18日

Retail trends: Denim is hot, ‘bro tanks’ are not

According to Sidney Morgan-Petro, retail editor at trend forecasting firm WGSN, there are three new juniors’ trends that should get people spending.

2015年 8月18日

Athleisure—Fad or Fashion for the Long Haul?

“I think athleisure is here to stay in one form or another,” noted Clare Varga, director of active at British trend forecaster WGSN. “The reason I think that is because athleisure is a cultural trend and not a fashion trend. It is underpinned by a cultural change to healthy lifestyles and a demand for clothing that is comfortable and functional and will take you from desk to disco. That is what gives it its longevity.”

2015年 8月18日

How Athletic Brands Savvily Leverage Cool

Clare Varga, active director for global trend foresights business WGSN, echoes the sentiment, saying, “the lines between fashion and sports are completely blurred. Consumers are demanding transitional sports products that deliver style and function.”

2015年 8月11日

WGSN launches fashion industry website WGSN Insider

WGSN has announced the launch of WGSN Insider, a new digital platform offering an insight into the lives of the global trend forecaster’s editors and other “insiders” from the fashion, interiors, design and creative worlds.

2015年 7月22日

The Future Of Shopping According To Today’s Tweens

What do you get if you ask a bunch of school kids how they envision the shop of the future? Lots of things related to pets, sweets and games inevitably, but better than that, a series of inspiring answers that tie together everything from the most out-there technologies to a practical view on what would make the whole experience a heck of a lot better.

2015年 7月21日

Retail renaissance: WGSN’s Carla Buzasi on the brands creating unique customer experiences

Carla Buzasi, global chief content officer at fashion trend forecaster WGSN, looks at how retailers are creating unique experiences.

2015年 7月16日

Mirror, Mirror: No love lost for status-driven brands

“You have a shopper who’s much more confident about trends,” said Lorna Hall, head of market intelligence for WGSN, global fashion and lifestyle forecasters. Celebrities, too, are fine with mixing highs and lows. (See Sarah Jessica Parker wearing H&M at the Met Gala.)


2015年 7月16日

Turnaround Tuesday: Joe’s Jeans Reaches Forbearance with Lenders, Continues Exploring Potential Sale

Denim has lost some market share to other pant styles, including trousers and knit pants, according to retail analytics tool WGSN InStock, which shows that in the past year, non-denim pants are up 27 percent over jeans. “Due to consumers’ focus on wellness, activewear apparel and activewear-influenced pieces have become a huge focus for retailers and brands,” according to WGSN InStock.

2015年 6月30日

LCM SS16: What were the grooming highlights?

Expanding from three to four days, London Collections Men SS16 (LCM) was the biggest male fashion event hosted in the UK’s capital to date.

The event has come a long way since its debut as a menswear afternoon, tagged onto the end of London Fashion Week in 2009 – the showcase became its own event in 2012, with 2015 numbers up 67% since its initial inception.

2015年 6月30日

Meet the sponsor: Carla Buzasi

WGSN Global Chief Content Officer Carla Buzasi is in charge of the world’s leading fashion trends service. Sarah Waldron asked her about WGSN’s links with education and young designers. WGSN, a foundation sponsor of Texprint, changed the fashion trends world forever back in 1998 when it launched its online service on the back of the first dot.com boom.

2015年 6月29日

Cannes Lions 2015 – a recap of the top trends and big ideas

After seven days, over 300 speakers and more magnums of rosé than even the Carlton probably dares to think about, Cannes Lions has wrapped for another year. Whether you were stuck at home or just spent too much time on the beach instead, here’s a round-up of the trends to know about from the Palais for 2015.

2015年 6月25日

How we all fell out of love with GAP: High Street chain closes a quarter of its stores as it gets stuck in ‘time-warp rut’

Lorna Hall, head of market intelligence for trend forecaster WGSN, says: ‘Shoppers now want new things all the time and are fashion-aware in a way they weren’t when Gap came to Britain 30 years ago, when there was very little choice in the middle of the market.

2015年 6月25日

Is Instagram the new ASOS?

“The number of fashion images I look at on Instagram is higher than in magazines and you can quadruple that for teens, many of whom have never bought magazines and see the network as their fashion place of choice,” says Carla Buzasi, chief content officer at trend forecasting firm WGSN.

2015年 6月24日

How Adidas is using colour to drive product purchase

Speaking in conversation with WGSN editor Carla Busazi, Adidas senior director Kathryn O’Brien said the brand’s colour strategy was in part sparked by the sentiment that Adidas was “becoming known as a black and white brand”.

2015年 6月24日

Dressing smart: Carla Buzasi on how the fashion industry has finally found a flair for tech

Carla Buzasi, global chief content officer at fashion forecaster WGSN and former editor-in-chief at Huffington Post UK, says the fashion industry is finally catching up with technology.

2015年 6月24日

Tips and tricks for surviving Cannes Lions

In no place is the saying ‘burning the candle at both ends’ truer than at Cannes Lions. Especially if you’re a first timer.

2015年 4月9日

WGSN rebrands interiors tool used by retailers

Trend forecasting agency WGSN has rebranded its subscription-based HomeBuildLife lifestyle and interiors section, which can be used by fashion retailers to plan their store design.

2015年 4月7日

Faster fashion: ‘If a trend comes, we need to have it on our site in under a week’

“It is old rag trade reinvented, and that is in no way pejorative,” says Lorna Hall, head of market intelligence at fashion forecasting service WGSN. “It’s the second and third generation of the rag trade who have really grasped the digital, seen an opportunity and run with it. Why couldn’t they launch their own business with their products, brand it, give it a name, build it?”

2015年 3月13日

5 Jeans Lessons From Obsessive Denim Nerds

What can the average guy learn from a bunch of blue-jean obsessives? Quite a bit as it turns out.

2015年 3月9日

The Tech World Watches Apple, Will New Product Appeal To The Masses?

Our senior editor, market intelligence Rachel Arthur joined the Today Show on NBC this morning to talk about the Apple watch.

2015年 3月8日

Into the blue: how denim went haute for spring/summer 2015

According to new book Denim Dudes, which looks at the street style and global business of denim, around 50% of the world is wearing a pair of jeans at any one time, and almost 4bn pairs are produced every year.

2015年 2月27日

WGSN Award Shortlist Announced

Last night saw the announcement of the globally-renowned WGSN fashion award’s shortlist – celebrated at London’s Le Peep Boutique nightclub – and Christopher Shannon, Marques Almeida, Acne and Colette will be amongst the nominees.

2015年 2月26日

Fashion books round-up: The naked truth about everything from denims to dresses

If Clothing Poverty opens by revealing the underside of the denim world, Denim Dudes by Amy Leverton (Laurence King, £16.95) attempts to unzip the $75bn industry through the eyes of the men who have shaped, styled, sold and designed it.

2015年 2月13日

Fall 2015 trend guide

“It’s a slimmer silhouette — much more concise and much more grown-up,” said Lizzy Bowring, who identifies the key trends to emerge from the global runways for fashion forecaster WGSN. “It isn’t a granola look, as one might say.”

2015年 2月13日

The new season updates you need to know about

Denim heads from around the world salute ‘the most important fabric of the 20th century’ in Amy Leverton’s book Denim Dudes

2015年 2月8日

Denim Dudes: meet the men who are obsessed with denim

At any one time, writes Amy Leverton, author of new street-style book Denim Dudes, around half the world’s population are wearing a pair of jeans. Over 3.9 billion pairs are produced each year, and the jeans market is worth $75 billion. But for some, denim is more than a functional everyday fabric. It’s an obsession, as these images of denim devotees demonstrate.

2015年 1月27日

WGSN’s new advisory board appoints first chairman

Simon Collins, former dean of the school of fashion at Parsons School of Design in New York, has been appointed chairman of trend forecasting agency WGSN’s new advisory board.

2015年 1月20日

Meet the jeans-obsessed gents whose passions run high for the humble blue fabric

“I guess denim heads like details and facts,” says Amy Leverton, the author of Denim Dudes, a book dedicated to jeans maniacs.

2015年 1月16日

Gucci Revival Rests on CEO Bringing Sexy Back to Design Choices

“Giannini was designing by being inspired rather than inspiring,” said Lorna Hall, head of market intelligence at WGSN in London. “There’s been a lack of dynamism about the brand, who it is and what it stands for.”

2015年 1月9日

Do Fashion Trends Still Exist?

“It’s about helping people decide what they should be purchasing and buying at the same time. You need a lot of information at your fingertips,” reasoned Catriona Macnab, chief creative officer at WGSN.

2014年 12月15日

Carla Buzasi on leaving the Huffington Post, building brands and shouting louder

The former editor of HuffPo UK talks about her move to trend forecaster WGSN and how you balance a 24 hour business with a life outside of work

2014年 8月18日

Trend Forecasting: What Is It Good For?

“We’re a real, trusted resource for validation,” says Steve Newbold, managing director of WGSN trends. “Things are moving so fast. We give you the tools to know that what you’re making is going to be commercially viable.”

2014年 8月15日

The fashion case for mobile phone covers

“Because our phones are multifunctional, and we also use them increasingly, they become an extension of the self,” says Elle Hankinson, senior editor at trend forecaster WGSN.

2014年 8月12日

Kimonos on a roll as high street sees broad appeal of Japanese garment

“Every now and then an item comes along that makes sense for quite a lot of people and everybody buys it,” said Francesca Muston, head of retail and product analysis at the trends agency WGSN.

2014年 7月3日

For Spirits That Can Only Be Tied Down by a Sash

“The kimono is definitely the must-have cover-up of the season,” said Sheila Aimette, a vice president at the trend forecasting company WGSN.

2014年 5月2日

Style-Conscious Men Prove Colorful Socks No Longer A Fad

“Bright colours and patterns have become key trends in the sock category,”  Matt Feniger, menswear editor at trend consulting firm WGSN, told MarketWatch.

2014年 5月1日

Why Fitness Is Having A Moment In Fashion

“It’s really based on the trend towards activewear as daywear and weekend wear, which we’ve seen as a fast growing theme on the runways for the past few seasons,” says Sheila Aimette, VP of North American Content at trend forecasting firm WGSN.

2014年 4月27日

Why Is Wearable Tech So Ugly?

From smartwatches to head-mounted computers, wearable technology is slowly coming to the consumer market. But here’s the thing: a lot of it is just plain ugly. Fashion trend forecaster Rachel Arthur weighs in on (un)fashionable wearables.

2014年 4月16日

Spring Fashion: Hand Yourself Bouquets

Sheila Aimette, a vice president of WGSN, a trend forecasting company, noted “there’s nothing old-fashioned or floofy about them,” she said. “They give women a reason to stray from their comfort zone when they shop.”

2014年 2月10日

Track Pants Grace Runways as Activewear Goes Up-Market

Things went haute when French fashion house Celine elevated the look two years ago, said Sheila Aimette, vice president of North American content at WGSN, a London-based trend forecasting firm.

2014年 2月6日

Why More Australian Designers Are Showing At New York Fashion Week

“It’s a similar market to Australia” Sam Aldenton, assistant womenswear editor at WGSN, says of London’s popularity with Australian designers.

2013年 9月13日

Why The Fashion Crowd Refuses To Put Their Arms Through Their Jackets

“People are really itching to wear their fall clothes, but it’s 90-something degrees out,” says Sheila Aimette, vice president of North American Content for WGSN, which analyzes and forecasts fashion trends…

2013年 9月11日

Why Street Style ‘Peacocks’ Are Critical to the Fashion Industry

“Yes, fashion influencers and early adopters might be “peacocking” this week (to use Menkes’ phrase) — but so too are they providing creative inspiration for teams around the world planning their next collections” writes Rachel Arthur, senior digital editor at WGSN.

2015年 11月30日

What Does the Term ‘Modern Jewelry’ Really Mean?

The arrival of fashion into fine jewelry has been a particularly precise balance to hit, for both established and emerging designers. “They’re trying to figure out a way to target a younger, wealthy consumer. Previously, designers focused on creating items that would become family heirlooms,” Jaime Cohn-Barr, senior accessories editor at the trend forecasting firm WGSN, told the Observer.