Industry leading data to ensure your range is optimised for success

WGSN Instock is a big data solution, made specifically for buyers and merchandisers working in fashion. Knowing when to back a trend and when to back off can be a multi-million pound decision. Instock gives you the confidence – and the intelligence – to get it right.


Our vast warehouse of e-commerce data is aggregated to give you high level insights across the market.

  • Identify markdowns and out-of-stocks quickly and easily
  • See the top 5 moving products, colours, prints & graphics, retailers, and brands in your market everyday
  • Fine tune your overall pricing strategy based on the architecture of your competitors
  • Track new products across the market to ensure you are one step ahead


Our powerful Comp Shopper tool shows movement and price trends amongst specific products.

  • More than 100m SKUs analysed
  • More than 12,000 brands and retailers across 400 different product categories monitored
  • Data captured across five regions (US, UK, Australia, Germany and Spain)


Custom insights from our unparalleled team of trend experts.

  • Weekly stock drop reports detail new ranges dropping online and consumer reaction
  • Monthly state-of-the-market summaries detailing key product category movements
  • Quarterly and seasonal KPI analyses of price position, markdown strategy, and product mix by retailer
  • The best picks from our flagship product, WGSN Fashion for buyers and merchandisers


Instock also allows you to personalize your view – so you can get exactly the information you need.

  • Specify countries, products and retailers you’d like to keep track of
  • Save your work to run regular reports with one click
  • Export your data for more advanced segmentation and analytics