Market Intelligence

Increase your global visibility and competitive knowledge with WGSN’s market intelligence.

Business & Strategy

Ensure your commercial strategy aligns with the latest insights – executive interviews, sourcing/sustainability updates, conferences and omni-channel retail strategies.


Plan ahead with our unique calendar of industry events and trade shows around the world. Search by date, country or category to find the events relevant for you.


Be inspired by the exciting new ways brands are engaging with their customers – through campaigns, consumer insights, social media strategies and tech developments.


Make sure you never miss a big story with breaking news on what is happening right now in our industry. Track the headlines across key categories and regions around the world from your desktop or mobile app.

Retail & Buying

Stay ahead of the competition with insights to support buying and range planning. Our research allows you to see what’s working for other brands and confirms the design and buying decisions you are making today.

Visual Merchandising

Creative inspiration to help you design stand-out visual displays as well as best practice coverage of promotional windows and display trends around the world.

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