Executive Leadership

Duncan Painter

WGSN Group

Duncan added CEO of WGSN Group to his responsibilities in March 2014 and guides the strategic direction of the business. He has extensive experience of leading successful B2B and data companies.

Kevin Silk
Chief Operating Officer

North America

Kevin is the COO of WGSN, driving growth of the business through operations from the region's New York office.

Carla Buzasi
Global Chief Content Officer


An award-winning editor and journalist, Carla became Global Chief Content Officer of WGSN in September 2014. The founding Editor-in-Chief of The Huffington Post UK, she has also worked for Marie Claire, Glamour and Vogue.com.

Isham Sardouk
Executive Vice President

WGSN Mindset

Isham Sardouk oversees the global consulting services for WGSN Mindset providing clients with access to a dedicated team of experts; harnessing the creative minds and industry expertise of the WGSN Group around the world.

Steve Newbold
Executive Vice President


Steve is EVP for WGSN EMEA, and is responsible for sales, marketing, business development and customer service across all WGSN products.

Darren McGill
Executive Vice President

North America

Darren is Executive Vice President for North America, driving growth of the business through operations from the region's New York HQ.

Leticia Abraham
Executive Vice President

Latin America

Letícia leads WGSN Latin America, driving growth of the business through operations from the region's Brazil office.

Dan Cotton
Executive Vice President


Dan is EVP for WGSN Asia-Pacific driving growth of the business through operations in eight core markets from the region's Hong Kong headquarters.

Paul Coxhill
Chief Marketing Officer


Paul Coxhill is the Global CMO. He’s responsible for brand, proposition and marketing communications strategy and execution for WGSN.

Sansan Chen
Executive Vice President


Sansan is EVP, Product, and leads the creation and delivery of the product roadmap for WGSN Trends.

Francis Wong
Executive Vice President

Creative Direction & Production

Francis Wong is EVP, Creative Director. His role intersects marketing, sales and content, as he is running the content operations and delivery side of WGSN Trends.

Steve Weiss
Executive Vice President


Steve is EVP, Technology. He is responsible for leading the technology team as they create, deploy and maintain the Trend products.

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