Senior Creative Team

Catriona MacNab
Chief Creative Officer

Creative Direction

Creative strategist Catriona Macnab heads WGSN's international content team of over 400 analysts, researchers, industry design experts and reporters. Drawing on 20+ years of experience in future forecasting and market intelligence, she has applied her vision and insight to the design and research process of a vast amount of major international brands and retailers, from LVMH and VF Corp to Gap and Uniqlo.

Lorna Hall
Head of Department

Market Intelligence

As Head of Market Intelligence at WGSN, Lorna is responsible for a team of experts reporting on best practice and innovation across all forms of retail including online and offline strategies, store design, marketing and visual merchandising. Before joining WGSN in 2009, she was the executive editor of the UK's fashion trade magazine Drapers.

Francesca Muston
Head of Department

Retail & Product Analysis

Francesca leads WGSN's Retail & Product Analysis team, who provide comprehensive analysis across all product areas, including insight into exactly how items are hitting the shop floors. Focusing on key products, colours and styling directions, the team also reports on visual-merchandising trends, international tradeshows and city guides tailored for professional travel.

Lauren Wolfenden
Senior Analyst

WGSN Mindset

A trend forecaster, Lauren has the rare ability to effectively balance creativity and business acumen. With a strong design eye, she possesses an aptitude for predicting, analyzing and forecasting future trends across various industries such as retail, fashion, beauty, interiors and lifestyle brands. As the senior advisory analyst at WGSN, her role focuses on custom and strategic consulting projects spanning several trades and clients including Apple, Coca-Cola, The Gap, Walmart, Victoria's Secret and L’Oreal.

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