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Sheila Aimette of fashion forecaster WGSN agreed that we should keep an eye out for bold prints and patterns -- florals, plaids, etc. -- meanwhile the silhouettes would remain sleek and architectural.

New York Fashion Week runway rundown

13th September 2013

“People are really itching to wear their fall clothes, but it’s 90-something degrees out,” says Sheila Aimette, vice president of North American Content for WGSN, which analyzes and forecasts fashion trends. Street style during fashion week, she explains, is “all about showing what you have.”

Why The Fashion Crowd Refuses To Put Their Arms Through Their Jackets

13th September 2013

There's been a huge resurgence of deconstructed and reconstructed American basics," says Sheila Aimette, top forecaster for trend consultant WGSN. "Culottes, jumpsuits, overalls. It's post-World War II American workwear."

Styles and Stunts at NY Fashion Week

12th September 2013


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