We love… The One-way Ticket by Joseph Popper
By Gemma Riberti

Exhibiting at show RCA 2012, Joseph Popper’s endearing project, The One-way Ticket, contemplates a voyage into outer space with no return to Earth.

Jun 20, 2012


Being lucky enough to attend the Royal College of Art’s graduate exhibition this week has left the Lifestyle & Culture Team very inspired. The School of Design show is always a highlight for us, and we were particularly enamored by Joseph Popper’s installation in the entrance-way to the exhibition space, entitled The One-way Ticket.

Popper’s multimedia project proposes an astronaut’s one-way journey into outer-space, exploring the experiences and consequences he or she would encounter with a voyage that would not return back to Earth.  His eerily quiet, short film is a montage of life inside the spacecraft, in which he carries out daily routines of tooth brushing, eating food and contemplating life away from Earth.  The spacecraft itself – dominating the entrance to the TestBed 1 Gallery building in Battersea, in which this year’s Design Interactions and Design Products students are exhibiting – was crafted by Popper using found and low-cost materials.

Explains Popper:

“The project is based on my interest in our perception of space as one of the last bastions of discovery. As frontiers for manned exploration are diminishing on Earth and its near surroundings, the one-way trip contrasts the banal paradigms of tourism and refreshes the promise of space for adventure and wonder.”

Keep your eyes peeled for our comprehensive round up of Show RCA 2012, in which we will showcase the most inspired and thought-provoking final projects from Architecture, Design, Textiles, Ceramics and Jewelry students.  You can see more from Joseph Popper here. – Samantha Fox

Scroll down for more images courtesy of It’s Nice That.

We love... The One-way Ticket by Joseph Popper

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