Resort Muse: Renée Perle

Renée Perle, the Romanian émigré also known as The Girlfriend of Jacques Henri-Lartigue [and a frequent subject in his photos] in the early 30s, is the consummate resort muse.  She wore wide-brim hats with aplomb, berets on the beach, stacked bangles with more grace than Nancy Cunard, and pulled off billowy pants with an elegance rivaled by no one save for maybe Coco Chanel.  Her perfectly-coiffed finger waves and infallibly polished nails only add to her status as a timelessly chic muse for the fashion world.

Below, a series of photos taken during the undoubtedly blissful couple of years spent languishing about the côte d’azur, in permanent vacation style, with Lartigue.  May we all possess her style and presence amidst the punishing heat of high summer.




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