Paris as seen by Hollywood

A new exhibition at Paris’ Hôtel de Ville, Paris Vu Par Hollywood, examines Hollywood’s love affair with the City of Lights and the iconic American films that feature the city front and center. Up close, this cinematic obsession does more to reveal the glossy Parisian fantasies held by the average American rather than any revelatory or simply true reflection of the city itself. And as Hollywood has happily worn the proverbial rose-colored glasses for nearly a century, many a Parisian fantasy is imagined in an estimated 800+ American films. The exhibition’s curators have whittled this daunting number down to 100 essential films, beginning with The Girl from Paris (1900) and continuing throughout the 30s (Marie Antoinette, 1938), 40s (Casablanca, 1942), 50s (An American in Paris, 1952; Funny Face, 1956), 60s (The Pink Panther, 1963), 70s (The Aristochats, 1970), 80s (A View to Kill, 1985), 90s (Everyone Says I love You, 1996), and 2000s (Midnight in Paris, 2011), with several in between.

Below, a teaser film on the exhibition, which runs through December 15th.

Exposition : Paris vu par Hollywood by mairiedeparis


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