Manhattan Vintage Show to host Betsey Johnson Exhibition

The next edition of New York’s beloved Manhattan Vintage Show welcomes a very special guest this season in the form of a shoppable exhibit of iconic archive pieces sure to set many hearts a’beating in anticipation…Betsey Johnson: From Paraphernalia to Punk features a selection of pieces from her earliest days designing for the influential Manhattan boutique Paraphernalia in the late 60s to her Betsey Johnson for Alley Cat sportswear (1970-74), and finally her namesake line, launched in 1978 with business partner Chantal Bacon.  Though recent years have seen the label undergo a series of setbacks, including a major dilution of the brand’s legacy through a series of licensed products, bankruptcy, and new owners (ahem: Steve Madden), the Manhattan Vintage Show exhibit comes on the heels of Johnson’s resilient announcement that she will indeed show at New York Fashion Week for the F/W 13 season.

Below, a series of our favorites to show in the exhibition, open tomorrow, Friday February 1st through Saturday February 2nd from 1:00pm onwards at the Metropolitan Pavilion at 125 W 18th Street (between 6th and 7th ave).

L to R: Alley Cat by Betsey Johnson blouse, early 1970s; Betsey Johnson Dress circa early 1980s

L to R: Betsey Johnson for Paraphernalia, late 1960s; Betsey Johnson Luxe velour dress, 1990s

L to R: Betsey Johnson velour top, 1980s; Betsey Johnson for Paraphernalia dress, late 1960s

L to R: rare Betsey Johnson mini-dress, circa late 1970s-early 80s; Betsey Johnson multi-color stripe 2-piece outfit, early 1980s








  1. MaryJane

    I have a great summer Betsy Johnson dress from the 70′s

  2. Leila

    they are all nice, I like all them. thanks

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