England’s Vintage Festival Moves to Wilderness

For fans of Wayne Hemingway’s annual Vintage Festival, take note that it is shifting cities and dates this year to the countryside, joining forces with the Wilderness Festival from August 10th – 12th on the Cornbury Park site in Oxfordshire.  The three-day event will host a Vintage arena within the Wilderness festival itself, a celebration including music, food, art, nature, and more.  The Vintage event aims to, as in the previous two years, celebrate “music, fashion, film, art, design and the ‘Best of British’ in all its glory” and while the organizers lament the cutting back on the music portion of the the festival due to the revised location, we are sure it will be quite the scene to enjoy, like the 2011 edition.

Below, a series of photos of the 2011 Wilderness Festival, courtesy of the website.


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