Art Muse: Peggy Guggenheim

In honor of the 54th Venice Biennale, discover the original American muse of Venice, Ms. Peggy Guggenheim.  Known throughout the fashion world as an icon for out-there accessories if anything, Peggy championed a veritable who’s-who of 20th century artists ranging from Marcel Duchamp to Max Ernst, nurturing creative minds and breaking hearts the world over before moving to a palazzo on Venice’s Grand Canal, now a museum housing her extensive collection.  Peggy, we salute you.

Guggenheim by Man Ray, 1923; 1941

Guggenheim on the roof of her Venetian Palazzo circa 1950s

Guggenheim lounging on the roof of her Venetian Palazzo, circa 1950s

Guggenheim circa 1961

On the grand canal towards the end of her life




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