Unionville Video on Indie Cities
By Samuel Trotman

This great video from Indie Cities visits Stockholm’s brilliant Unionville store.

Aug 29, 2012


We’re big fans of the awesome Unionville store in Stockholm; it’s an inspiring destination for all the denim purists and has a really great backstory – which is why we were excited to see this video by Indiecities.

The Indie Cities guys met Fredrik of Unionville in his awesome store and explored his unique world of denim. He manages vintage store Sivletto, which has been running in Stockholm for seven years, and was inspired to set up the Unionville store in December of 2010 to create a destination for like-minded denimheads in the city. The Unionville store only stocks raw denim of their own meticulous selection, which means they stock the very best names in top quality, well-crafted jeans such as Ironheart, Spellbound, Edwin and Denim Demon, among others. Fredrik teamed up with Douglas and Hampus of Blue Highway jeans six years ago and they make their denim in the store out of a workroom out the back. You can’t get more hands-on and local than that!

Being the renowned denim store that it is, the shop hosted a very special event recently, a Jeans of the Old West meet and greet evening with Michael and Charla Harris, authors of the historical workwear book. It’s all captured on the fascinating video below:

Indie Cities – Stockholm – Unionville (FASHION) from Pete Williams on Vimeo.

Unionville Video on Indie Cities

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