UNIONMADE’s Second Annual Indigo Collection
By Samuel Trotman

UNIONMADE pays tribute once again to indigo with their second annual capsule collection.

Nov 22, 2012


Following last year’s capsule collection, San Francisco menswear boutique UNIONMADE delivers their second annual collection of indigo dyed goods for Fall 2012.

Indigo dyed fabrics hold a strong sentimental value to denim culture, capturing the heart and soul of the working man throughout centuries around the world. From the early California Gold Rush days and World War II to the traditional noragi uniforms of Japan’s blue-collar workers, the natural shade of blue has been associated with workwear and the ancient craft of textiles.

For Fall 2011, UNIONMADE founder and workwear purveyor Todd Barker paid tribute to this tradition with an exclusive capsule of indigo dyed clothing and goods. Following last year’s success, UNIONMADE has followed up on the story for Fall 2012, partnering with their favorite brands to expand and diversify the offering.

Friend and photographer Andrew Paynter shot the lookbook, while UNIONMADE enlisted the help of their favorite San Franciscans to model the looks. Among them are a handful of creative locals who Barker and the team admire. In the lookbook, Barker says, “Indigo dyed goods are believed to carry a strength rooted in hard work and bring life to the cloth it saturates with a rich and vibrant blue.” This is reflected through the assortment of workwear inspired silhouettes like a Crescent Down Works down shirt, Golden Bear blazerButton-down shirt, and a beautiful pair of warren washed Raleigh jeans.

The Fall 2012 UNIONMADE Indigo collection is available now at their Brentwood and San Francisco storefronts and online.

493 Sanchez Street
San Francisco, CA 94114

Brentwood Country Mart
225 26th Street
Santa Monica, CA 90402

UNIONMADE's Second Annual Indigo Collection

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