World Wide Karl

If you put things away in a too tidy way, then you will only find what you are looking for. You will never be surprised, nor delighted, by fortuitous discoveries.

Wise words from Karl Lagerfeld, although the designer’s much-hyped new website is far from a fortuitous discovery. Just launched, the site functions mainly as an online retailer, with assorted merchandise like fingerless gloves, sequin collars, skinny jeans and white button-ups available for purchase. Sound familiar? Prices range from a “kool” £20 for a canvas bag printed with Lagerfeld’s iconic pony-tailed profile to £980 for a leather jacket. Of course, the color palette, down to the web design, is a simple black and white.

One of the most enjoyable sections of the site is World of Karl, in which a Tumblr-like layout of snapshots reveals Lagerfeld’s daily goings-on, collaborations, favorite places and “Karlisms” like the quote above.

Immerse yourself in the world of Karl Lagerfeld at (in case you forgot the address).


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