Streets of Beverly Hills

HMX Group recently opened a new retail concept in Beverly Hills called “Streets” that is meant to expose consumers to the companyʼs variety of labels, including: Hickey Freeman, Hart Schaffner Marx, Bobby Jones, Coppley, Reid & Taylor and Palm Beach. The inter-brand focus of the space allows HMX Group to highlight the seasonal collections of each collection, while also providing made-to-measure services, exclusive products and regionally-targeted apparel and furnishings specific to each city.

“The Streets name came from the desire to have each laboratory have an intimate relationship with the communities in which they reside,” says Doug Williams, Chief Executive Officer of the HMX Group. “We thought about what is essential to great cities and it is great Streets. Whether Madison Ave., Michigan Ave., Newbury Street, Worth Ave., Bond Street or the Champs Elyse – all are great places that represent their city.”

Having overseen the design and creative for all of HMX Group the past three seasons, President & Chief Creative Officer, Joseph Abboud says, “We wanted to bring our heritage brands and our individual American voices under one roof. We like to think of our Streets stores as an opportunity to identify the lifestyle quotient of HMX Group, and to provide an opportunity to engage our customers by anticipating their needs, and creating an environment that allows them to work through our diverse brands and made-to-measure programs.”

Each Streets will open in unique locations to help establish an organic universe for the
brands. First to open is the Streets of Beverly Hills, followed by the Streets of Georgetown on Wisconsin Avenue in Washington, DC. Plans for additional incarnations of the ʻStreetsʼ retail experience are also planned to roll out in 2012 and beyond.


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