Tokyo: White Smoke, White Heat

When it comes to food, you can find pretty much anything in Tokyo. But until the recent arrival of Texas-style smokehouse White Smoke, perfectly executed American barbeque was nowhere to be had.  Owner/pit master Craig White holds dual master’s degrees from Harvard University and was a successful engineer before entering the restaurant business, arriving in Tokyo back in 1994 to teach at the Kanazawa Institute of Technology’s Eagle Program (Engineering Alliance for Global Education).

White hails from Texas, where he trained with the famed Louie Mueller’s BBQ before designing and commissioning a 1.8-ton upright smoker to be custom-built in the U.S.A and shipped all the way to Japan, where it now lovingly cooks myriad meats using the “low and slow” method. Brisket, pork ribs, bacon, turkey, burgers, pulled pork, vegetables, nuts: you name it, White Smoke smokes it to perfection. They also offer an impressive selection of craft beers and old-fashioned cocktails, as well as a tantalizing array of classic American desserts like apple pie, pecan pie and flourless chocolate cake. xx Ashley Churchill

Photos: Courtesy of White Smoke

White Smoke

3-11-2 Moto Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo

81 (0) 3643 40097





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