The Ultimate UMAMI

Priding themselves on grinding meat, making cheese and pickling vegetables in-house, UMAMI has rightfully become the go-to burger joint in Los Angeles. With a mouth-watering menu and 6 locations scattered about the city it’s easy to become a loyal UMAMI-goer. And now, the downtown crowd can join in the fun for lunch and dinner. At Broadway and Ninth Street a warehouse-like space with sky high ceilings, reclaimed wood tables, steel fixtures and (of course) Edison bulbs set the stage for Adam Fleischman’s latest addition to the UMAMI empire, UMAMIcatessen. Located downtown, this deli-cum-bar hosts five restaurants under one roof with four mini kitchens whipping up tapas, sandwiches, burgers, house-cured meats, desserts as well as specialty drinks, wine and brews. It’s the ultimate UMAMI experience. -Jordana Longo

846 South Broadway / 1 213 413 8626

Photos: Courtesy of Eater, Paulabanda


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