The Right Weave, 3 x 1

From the mastermind behind Paper Denim & Cloth and Ernest Sewn comes 3 x 1, a new denim concept store in SoHo.

Named after denim’s standard weaving construction, 3×1 Right Hand Twill, Scott Morrison’s part store, part gallery and part manufacturing store allows you to not only get your jeans tailored on location but, watch them being made, start to finish.

The limited edition assortment on the floor and gallery of pairs encased on the wall certainly draw a crowd but, it’s the transparent studio where the custom goods are made that really lures in locals, visitors and denimheads alike.

3 x 1
15 Mercer Street 10013 | 1 212 391 6969

Photos: Courtesy of Urban Daddy, Superfuture


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