LOS ANGELES: Gordon Ramsay Gets Fat

Gordon Ramsay, everyone’s favorite Angry Celebrity Chef, opened a new restaurant yesterday in The Grove. With The Fat Cow, a 200-seat affair featuring outdoor seating, private access to the neighboring movie theater, reclaimed wood tables, and red brick walls, the star of Hell’s Kitchen has given Grove-goers who want to sit down to a real meal a more credible alternative to The Cheesecake Factory. Of course, Ramsay himself will not be found in the kitchen: the Executive Chef is the more-than-capable Mathew Woolf, previously of The Trump Hotel in Chicago and Santa Monica’s FIG. On the menu are comfort foods such as lobster mac ‘n’ cheese, wood-fired pizza, fish and chips, and burgers, as well as a fun array of milkshakes and ice cream. There is even a Kid’s Menu, a departure for Ramsay’s typically upscale endeavors. Unless you opted for a healthy salad, by the end of the meal, you may feel like a fat cow yourself, but remember, you’re in a gigantic mall!  Waddle out and shop away those delicious, hand-cut fries!

xx Ashley Churchill

The Fat Cow

The Grove, 189 The Grove Drive, Los Angeles


Photos Courtesy of Grubstreet




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