LONDON: Leonora Hamill- Art in Progress

Opening on Friday at the Wilmotte Gallery at Lichfield Studios in Notting Hill, Leonora Hamill’s stunning photographic exhibition Art in Progress documents art schools around the world. Shot with a large format camera, Hamill photographs arts schools in Saigon, St Petersburg, Mumbai and New Haven, exploring the passing of time, creation of art and the process of creativity. Using natural light only, these beautiful large-scale photographs poetically capture the empty spaces of art studios just before the students have left or are about to return. A fascinating study on how fine art is taught, studied and practiced, these empty spaces carry a deserted magical quality offering an intriguing view on Hamill’s three-year photographic journey. – Anna Jacobsen

Art in Progress
Wilmotte Gallery at Lichfield Studios
133 Oxford Gardens W10 6NE
Notting Hill, London

*Through March 28, 2013
Pictures courtesy of Leonora Hamill


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