GSTAAD: Ski Up to Louis Vuitton

The posh, idyllic town of Gstaad has been in the press recently due to Valentino’s raging New Year’s Eve party, where Madonna herself was in attendance and the designer blasted the pop idol’s songs so loudly into the night that neighbors complained and the cops showed up. But even if you didn’t score an invite, there’s still a reason to head to Gstaad: Louis Vuitton has opened a gorgeous new store, a Swiss style chalet that you can ski right up to. Once inside, you’ll find the full collections for Women and Men on display in this elegantly homey location, surrounded by inviting fur rugs, in addition to a roaring fireplace (a first for the luxury house). So bundle up, strap on your skis and head on over to this winter wonderland! xx Ashley Churchill

Louis Vuitton

Promenade 50, 3780, Switzerland

+41 33 748 16 90

Photos Courtesy of Louis Vuitton


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