COPENHAGEN: BROR eatery opens

Opened in Copenhagen last month, new restaurant BROR (brother in English) is the perfect place to try some contemporary Scandinavian food when visiting the beautiful Danish capital. As the Nordic cuisine trend continues, BROR serves simple Scandinavian dishes with a twist, using locally sourced ingredients complemented by an organic wine list. Run by former noma sous chefs Samuel Nutter and Victor Wagman, this is set to become one of Copenhagen’s must-visit locations for 2013. – Anna Jacobsen

Skt Peders Stræde 24A / 45 32175999
City Centre, Copenhagen

Pictures courtesy of BROR and



  1. I really want to check this place out! I’ve lived in Copenhagen a couple of years and still haven’t made it to any of the new Nordic inspired restaurants (a husband with an Italian food love affair is my largest obstacle) But I will definitely have to!

  2. Even though BROR is only a couple of weeks old, a couple of Danish publications have already filed their reviews. AOK writes that the kitchen at BROR “is simplified compared to Noma” and offers a lot for your money, adding, “There is almost something democratic about BROR where everyone can get a table and can afford to taste some of the things that have emerged from Noma.”

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