That La Fille d’O is So Hot Right Now
By Anna Glassman

Cups that go up to size I and the cover of Vogue Turkey are just the latest in the world of this renegade Belgian brand.

Apr 26, 2012


Image courtesy of La Fille d'O's Facebook page.

We would like to take some credit for discovering La Fille d’O, but the truth is that the renegade Belgian brand has been cool for way longer than we’ve been around. And their super-sexy, innovative designs speak for themselves. In fact, some of the label’s hottest bra styles just landed on the pages of Vogue Turkey, lending some sophistication to Balenciaga’s so-bad-it’s-good, 80s-redux of a Pre-Fall collection.

To mark almost nine years in the business, designer Murielle Scherre revisited the archives for La Fille d’O’s spring range of lingerie and swimwear. Entitled she is my memory place, the collection examines the human body as a collection of memories. The season’s signature print is a series of pen-and-ink lines that resemble woodgrain, the pattern bringing an organic softness to Scherre’s graphic, out-of-the-box designs. The collection is complemented by Liebaert’s revolutionary Magic Curves fabric, which mimics the skin’s elasticity and perfectly balances lightness with support. Made by a woman who thoroughly understands a woman’s body, La Fille d’O also boasts an expanded size range that goes up to an unheard-of I cup, along with the chicest prosthetic and breastfeeding bras around. Hooray for the democratization of lingerie!

For more on La Fille d’O and to shop their latest collection, visit


That La Fille d'O is So Hot Right Now

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