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2013 Serpentine Gallery Pavilion by Sou Fujimoto

The Serpentine Gallery in London has announced that award-winning architect Sou Fujimoto will design the 2013 edition of its annual Pavilion. At 41, Fujimoto is the youngest architect to accept the honor of designing the temporary Pavilion in Hyde Park, London. His project will consist of an ethereal web of 20mm steel poles creating a semi-transparent delicate structure where the surrounding ...
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Editor’s choice: Visual Inspiration Week of August 13

Stylesight’s Graphics Team brings you a selection of the most inspirational and directional visuals seen on the web recently. This weekly snapshot gives you a quick fix of  illustrations, advertising posters, graphic design work and packaging with an organic theme. (Click on images for information on the artists).
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Organic Forms – Sasha Prood

I’ve had my eye on Sasha Prood’s stunning artwork for a while, since spotting her work on a few of my favorite blogs. She is an illustrator and typographer, currently residing in a tiny studio apartment in Brooklyn, New York, working as a full-time freelancer.  Prood’s inspiration is derived from natural forms - anything from biology cells to woodland animals. Her ...
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Kings of Indigo – Sustainable Denim Made with a Conscience

At this season's Bread & Butter we were introduced to a new brand from Amsterdam that is keen to teach all the oldtimers a thing or two about preserving the environment. Kings of Indigo (abbreviated K.O.I.) was launched just six months ago, but it’s already well-established with its conceptual and clean production techniques. Launched at the Spring/Summer 12 Bread & Butter trade ...
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Sustainability: Green roofs

As sustainability has risen up the environmental agenda, "greenwashing" has become a serious problem. Yet one innovation in particular is proving to be particularly immune to the problem of overstatement: for architects, designers and and landscape urbanists, green roofs are fast becoming a byword for measures to lower the impact of buildings across their whole life cycle. One of the ...
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