Stylesight Exclusive Video for Levi’s® F/W 12 Global Launch
By Samuel Trotman

Stylesight presents an exclusive film of Levi’s first ever NY Fashion Week runway show, complete with backstage shots and interviews.

Feb 29, 2012


We conclude our Levi’s® Fall/Winter 12 coverage with an exclusive Stylesight film of the global launch during NYFW.

The Stylesight Denim Team covered Levi’s® first ever NY Fashion Week runway show, featuring the Fall 2012 collections from Made & Crafted, Levi’s Vintage Collection, Levi’s® Red Tab and more. We offer you insight into the vision and design process with exclusive interviews with Jonathan Cheung, Levi’s® VP Global Men’s Merchandising; Jill Guenza, Levi’s® Women’s Global Senior Design Director; and Miles Johnson, Levi’s® XX Design Director.

In addition to finding out more about the global collection, we also took the time to find out Jill, Jonathon and Miles’ all time favorite Levi’s® pieces as well as their most inspirational destinations for denim.

Jill Guenza – Levi’s Women’s Global Senior Design Director

What are your highlights/inspiration for the runway collection?

As a womenswear designer, some of my personal favorite pieces include the cropped white shirts with the pleated Tencel skirt. I love all the Tencel pieces but that one really captivates the idea of feminine tailoring. It really demonstrates exactly how we have taken the idea of dressing for women and how we take that from a denim point of view and how we translate that into this really tailored and polished look, which is really new for Levi’s.

All time favorite piece of Levi’s?

My all time favourite piece of Levi’s has to be a pair of vintage 646s with ripped out knees that have been ripped to shreds. I keep repairing them – they’re so comfortable.

What’s your favourite place in the world for denim inspiration?

For new denim that would have to be the Levi’s store in the Meatpacking district. I think that place is a great representation of the Levi’s brand and you can find Made & Crafted and LVC there and some of the highlights from curve i-D for fashion. And we have the tailored shop there as well, so that’s a really great shop to go for new denim. And then for vintage there’s no place like the Rose Bowl [flea market in Pasadena, CA].

Jonathan Cheung – Levi’s VP Global Men’s Merchandising

What are your highlights/inspiration for the runway collection?

One of the big highlights is the Commuter series, in particular how we have injected technology, performance and innovation into our iconic 5-pocket template. We’ve done the perfect marriage between technology and heritage: antibacterial, super stretch, tough, hardwearing jeans that are supremely comfortable, which I think is amazing.

All time favorite piece of Levi’s?

It’s got to be a 1947 501 – if you love Levi’s you’ll love the 501 and the ’47 is the best fit in my opinion. Its closely followed by the 66.

Whats your favorite place in the world for denim inspiration?

London is fantastic for denim, San Francisco is excellent, L.A., Tokyo and Osaka are amazing cities to shop denim. But what’s interesting is that in the last 10 years or so this culture of denim has grown, so you get these epicenters of denim all over the world, which are connected by the thread of loving denim. All the denim fans connect because they love the history; they love the authenticity and the craft of it. It’s an amazing cultural phenomenon.

Miles Johnson – Design Director of Levi’s XX

What are your highlights/inspiration for this season’s runway collection?

A beautiful 1954 suede type-2 jacket from LVC – especially for the silhouette and gold detailing.

Can you tell us about the jeans you’re wearing today?

These are a pair of original 1947 501s that were found down inside a mine in Colorado by a vintage dealer (who will remain nameless…)

Whats your favorite place in the world for denim inspiration?

Always America; we always come back before starting  any concept we’re doing, and always reflect [on] American history because there are so many great nuggets of  American history that we use for the concepts for [LVC and Made & Crafted]. but I do find Japan so inspiring as a place for shopping, and their appreciation of Americana is fantastic. It’s good to have a balance between the two – America for knowledge on the history, and then Japan for the trends.

Stylesight Exclusive Video for Levi's® F/W 12 Global Launch

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