tommy boy's sexy new store

tomMany times throughout the day I sit back and think, “Man, I wish I were rich.” There aren’t nearly as many times when I sit back and think, “Man, I wish I was a boy.” But with the opening of Tom Ford‘s first store today in New York, I find myself fervently wishing for a sudden transformation from a poor lady into a wealthy man, the kind of wealthy man willing and able to spend $5000 on a custom made suit. The former Gucci golden boy’s new shoppe (the spelling is warranted) is a throwback to the Savile Row era of suits, a place for men to unwind in luxury and style and features the designer’s first ready to wear collection. Today I braved the drizzle to see the spectacle for myself. One word: gorgeous. You’re greeted by an actual receptionist at a desk, (who’s probably way more polite when you look moneyed), white gloved butlers and be-suited clerks are at the ready (several were already learning customers names) and the whole place just drips with dollars. The clothes, leather goods and accessories live in glass cases downstairs, while upstairs is the place for the custom made suit of your dreams. I fell hard for the semi-circular back room, which featured a bonsai tree and an inordinate amount of mirrors in addition to Tom Ford’s full fragrance line (Purple Patchouli and Velvet Gardenia!) which may be the only thing most of us can afford. No matter, I left that store feeling fantastic and smelling even better. Welcome to New York, Tom Ford!

store 1


far far away



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