To the Max



  1. Love the print of the second dress!

  2. The second look is great.
    Leather jacket + long dress and Doc Martens rock!

  3. The attitude in the second picture is perfect and ideal hairstyle!!!!

  4. The second outfit is lovely. ;D

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  5. Heyyyy hon- is it you I spoke with yesterday and today at Sydney RAFW? I got style snapped by you a couple of times…? I think?! Ha sorry if it’s not you!

    Either way – lovvving your blog babe!

    Annabel xxxx

  6. stylesighteditor

    hey! no, you probably met a lovely platinum blond named Nina? she’s our youth culture editor, at large down under for RAFW.

    thanks for the compliment anyways! hope fashion week is going well : )

  7. Francesca

    I agree… the second look is a good choice (no comment all other pics).

  8. YES it was her! Oh glad I found you guys then :) yahooo. Def checking back here…your streetstyle snaps are honestly top notch!

    Stay in touch!

    Love bel xxx

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