1. lovely lovely lovely!

  2. I think one of the best things I love about stripes is its immense versatility in reflecting character. This jailbird series totally shows that. Everyone looks distinct, no copycats here, and absolutely stylin’!

  3. stripes are just one of those styles, that will appear season after season. These individuals are keeping it fresh, and new.

  4. Love the looks !!!! great selection !!! ;-)

  5. stripes always are a fabulous look! love the outfit the first girl is wearing.

  6. Yes yes yes I love stripes! The first one and last one are my favorites.

  7. Love the first girl’s dress. Stripes are always fun and fresh!


  8. chris

    who are those jeans by? the guy in the 2nd pic.

  9. stylesighteditor

    hmm not sure!

  10. I do love stripes! Great looks!

  11. Funny

    I love it!!!

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