Head Games Pt. 2



  1. I love these headbands! SO cute! Great looks!

  2. Oh Pandora!I love her blog!
    And i love those headpieces

  3. fonkychild

    **SO COOOL**
    Just have a look and enjoy!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0P0qATj45qU

  4. All of their lips are kissable. Love it!

  5. Aysha Oliver

    The lady in the 3rd picture down is GORGEOUS! Love this look so much! xxx

  6. Such pretty pretty girls! Love the lip colors!

  7. gorgeous :) all the lovely HAIR too! <3
    thanks for sharing!

  8. definetely, scarfs are back on our heads!! love the effect!

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  10. these girls are soooo cute!

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