Bubble Style [New York]



  1. I am not always a fan of her outfit, not because it isn’t nice, but more because it’s too much. I would never wear it, but I admire her personal taste. This outfit is perfect, I could wear it!
    Love her blog!

    xo thefashionguitar

  2. I love herrr. that first picture is beautiful.

  3. I’ve never seen her without the bobble hair. Great shot!

    xo L.

  4. Susie is fun and nice looking

  5. I love Style Bubble. She’s one of few people who are truly able to work everything they wear.

  6. Great colors! Love the style!


  7. Hi there, I love your blog. Could you tell me what kind of lens you use? Your pictures are perfect <3

  8. Great post, her outfit is amazing. Lots of colours and a stunning necklace (?).

  9. Possibly my favourite photo you’ve posted, I love how vibrant her outfit is. The oranges and yellows look amazing!

  10. susie is always perfection!

  11. I’d recognize her anywhere – she’s fearless!

  12. The colors of this outfit are fabulous!

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