Taking the Lead


Now at the helm of the French house’s directional navigation, Hannah McGibbon sent an adventurous woman down the runway with looks that hearkened back to the adventure-ready styles of the heroines from Indiana Jones movies. Inspired by Antonio Lopez, the popular fashion illustrator from the early ‘80s, her color palette emerged in loden green, taupe, cream and khaki. A high-waisted silhouette looked feminine along with a natural waist on cuffed shorts, baggy pants and fluid skirts. Frilled blouses, with exaggerated satin collars, featured poet sleeves and was styled with satin trousers tucked into over-the-knee suede boots that were accented with the same ruffled trim. A navy velvet blazer created a peplum shape when cinched with a leather-woven chain belt, while a “boyfriend” style covered a sheer blouse and silk skirt in shades of nude. An iconic oversized coat, typical of the decade, enveloped knit shorts and was paired with a lace-up heeled boots and an ostrich tote.




  1. Isabella

    Definitely a softer more feminine approach to a safari vibe. The supple color palette is beautiful.

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