Stephane Rolland

Paris: This season Stephane Rolland focused on billowy volume. Yards and yards of matte silk and weightless chiffon were cut into fluid capes, wide-leg jumpsuits and gowns with flowing trains, creating a breathing, sculptural look. Pants seemed to morph into parachutes and sleek dresses featured placed swathes of contrasting fabric. A limited palette of black white and warm tans gave things a minimalist feel, but rock crystal and silicone “sea urchin” embellishments added whimsical texture. Typical couture richness punctuated the collection in the form of plush silk velvet (an essential for the season), intricate appliqué, and a regal shade of deep Bordeaux.  —Anna Jane Davis

Silhouette: Voluminous / Sleek

Color:  Black / White / Tan / Camel / Bronze / Bordeaux

Key Items:  Caped jumpsuit / Duo-tone gown

Materials: Velvet / Silk — chiffon + matte / Wool / Double-knit

Details + Trim: Leather harness details / Leather piping / Natural crystals / Silicone “sea urchin” fringe

Accessories + Footwear: Suede thogh-high boots / Leather wristlet gloves / Wide plaque belts



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