Pringle of Scotland

Pringle of Scotland showed a collection that was equal parts UK public schoolboy and football hooligan, defined by a slew of baggy, cropped, 40s-style boy’s shorts and a number of blocky, luxe anoraks of the type favored by the 80s terrace terrors known as Casuals. The label held to tradition, producing a full complement of innovative knits, including crewneck sweaters decorated with unusual brick-and-mortar checks or harlequin diamonds composed of horizontal stripes that created an Op-Art effect, all the while paying homage to Scotland’s iconic argyles.  —Andrew Luecke

Silhouette: Lank athletic

Color: Navy / Olive / Bright white / Melon / Wheat / Air Force blue / Umber / Gold

Key Items: Slouchy anoraks / Schoolboy shorts / Striped or checked crewneck sweaters / Mini-madras tennis jackets

Materials: Heavy canvas / Cotton or wool knits / Madras / Summer wool

Print + Pattern: Stripes / Checks / Mini-madras / Urban camouflage / Harlequin diamonds / Argyle

Details + Trim: Leather zips / Ringer collars /

Accessories + Footwear: Chunky, two-toned techno brogues / Argyle socks



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