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Paris…Miu Miu

True to form, Miuccia Prada closed Paris Fashion Week with a fantastic showing of feminine looks suited to her client. There has been a shift from the old ways of spontaneous spending into a renaissance of conscious purchasing. This rebirth anticipates a significantly increased demand for staple pieces. Calling each look, “different kinds of femmes fatales,” she explored various facets of a woman’s personality. The show started off with wrapped flesh-toned coat-dresses held together by unique closures and ties at the back. Backs and arms were exposed to reveal matching lingerie. A slit-front pencil skirt was worn simply with a fur-trimmed stole. For a more modest take, a mix of salt and pepper tweeds and fur-fronts on long-sleeved versions were matched with ankle booties. Sheer tops and skirts allowed for relaxed two-piece dressing, while paillettes and sequin-embellished versions were appropriate for evening attire. Decorated hosiery, along with fur clutches and heels, provided yet another opportunity for expression. Devotees walked away with a collection that satisfied every mood.




  1. Isabella

    Never fails to deliver a wonderful collection for women.

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